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The Fourth Son is a Philadelphia based solo project created by Tim Connor. Tim grew up in Tabernacle, New Jersey, a small town tucked within the state's densely forested coastal plain known as the Pine Barrens. He initially set out as a drummer playing for local cover bands which frequented local bars and colleges. While attending college Tim began to experiment with guitar, leading him to try his hand at song-writing. He began co-writing and producing with the New Jersey based band Dog Show Blues. During this time he also worked on what would later become his debut album.


Attributing much of his inspiration to his three older brothers he named his solo project The Fourth Son. His debut album The Fourth Son EP was released in 2014. In early 2015 The Fourth Son relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and began developing a live presence. He played at open-mic nights throughout the Bay Area while teaching P.E. by day. He released his second album titled Lavenia in 2016. 


As a live performer, the one-man band switches between acoustic and electric guitar backed by a kick drum and foot-tambourine. With Tim's distinct, soulful voice layered over compelling instrumentation there is a strong presence of folk, rock, blues and reggae. His third album, Castles in the Trees, was released in early 2018. The album was closely followed by the single 'Wicker'. In March 2020 The Fourth Son released his second single 'Home Again' and relocated to Philadelphia.


Tim has reestablished his creative roots on Long Beach Island(New Jersey) where he has recorded and  released singles, Tanlines and Loveless, and The Bungalow.    

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